Internal Medicine

The Department of Internal Medicine at VPS Rockland Hospitals is among the hospital's premier departments, bringing together an elite mix of clinicians, investigators and educators. We strive for excellence in pursuit of its multifaceted mission of education, patient care and service. We are dedicated to patient care on outpatient, inpatient and Emergency basis round the clock.

We also specialize in maintaining adult wellness. We combine patient-centric Geriatric care of the highest quality along with physician expertise and the latest advances in medical technology.
We form the backbone of this prestigious institute and thus integrate the various subspecialties of Internal Medicine. Through various outpatient clinics,CME’s and Educational programmes , we are providing not only therapeutic but also preventive care and lifestyle modification counselling.

The Department also organizes small group interactive educational programmes for training of primary care physicians in the management of Common communicable and non-communicable diseases.
The department also takes care of all the Executive Health Check programmes of the institute. Our physicians coordinate care for patients with complex disorders, assuring that they receive the proper care for all aspects of their health.

We have expertise in prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of common disorders like diabetes, hypertension, bronchial asthma, hepatitis, allergy, infections & communicable diseases like malaria, typhoid, influenza, etc. Our mission is to leave an undeniable positive mark on the patients and on our colleagues.

Basically, we acquire a comprehensive facility catering general and preventive care medicine to adults as well as geriatrics; fully-supported by major super-specialties to provide end to end services varying from clinical diagnosis, preventive medicine, wellness programs, preventive health checks, rehabilitation services to management of certain medical conditions.

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