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Emergency Department

Also known as accident & emergency, emergency room, or casualty department, is a medical treatment facility specializing in acute care of patients.
The Emergency Department provides ready access to emergency nursing and medical care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  The department provides clinical services to treat the range of problems with which patients present as an emergency requiring urgent medical care, from life-threatening conditions to minor injury and illnesses, in all age groups from babies to the elderly.
The clinical team at Rockland Hospitals in the Emergency Department, led by specialists in emergency medicine and nursing, seeks to provide patients with the best clinical care as quickly as possible, as well as to allay the distress and anxiety which is often associated with accidents and emergencies.
We aim to keep patients fully informed about their investigations and treatment, and in doing so facilitating patient involvement in decisions about their treatment. The department undertakes continuous self-monitoring to ensure that patients are both treated promptly and made as comfortable as possible during their stay in the ER room.
Equipped with state of the art emergency equipments and staffed by specialist teams, we provide all life-saving procedures, including resuscitation, airway protection, vascular support, cardiac support, cardiac pacing, and multidisciplinary support in case of accidents, falls, and assaults.

We see and treat patients with a range of emergency conditions from relatively minor problems / injuries / illnesses to life threatening conditions.

  • Upon the arrival in ER patients typically undergo a brief Triage or sorting, to help determine the nature and severity of their illness. Individuals with serious illnesses are given priority over those with less severe symptom / injuries.
  • After initial assessment and treatment the patients are either admitted or discharged or,on rare occasions, stabilized and then transfer to another hospital as the case may be.
  • The department acts as a good host to the patients, where they are received at the entry by ensuring comfort and urgency that one requires. If timely information of the incoming patient is already available, all arrangements are made before the arrival of the patient, including informing the Specialists and / or ICUs, as may be required. The nursing staff is fully trained to provide necessary assistance to the doctor on duty to assess and provide immediate and timely medication.
  • The patient is kept till initial stabilization and necessary documentation, initial blood sampling, ECG etc. has been completed. The patients’ attendants are also kept informed about the likely disease / prognosis.
  • Critical conditions are all handled during Emergency situations including cardiac arrest, myocardial infarction, trauma, asthma, COPD, Strokes, to name a few.

ACLS ambulances equipped with the essential equipment like oxygen, ventilator, monitors, syringe pumps, and emergency drugs are available round the clock. A trained doctor and a nurse accompany the patient for each ambulance call. It is our endeavor to ensure that the ambulance leaves the hospital within minutes of receiving the call. Besides the Delhi NCR, we also send our ambulances for outstation calls to J&K, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarkhand, Punjab and Haryana.

Emergency Department Highlights

The emergency department is fast growing to become a dependable centre capable of handling all types of emergencies. Today the department of emergency is handling anywhere between 500 – 600 patients per month. About 40 percent of the monthly hospital admissions are from this department. One unique feature of this emergency department, in sharp contrast to the others in the area, is the ambulance service and pre-hospital care provided by Rockland ER.

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