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We Work Together !

We, at VPS Rockland, work together seamlessly as ONE TEAM to provide the best care possible to our patients, train tomorrow's Physicians, Nurses and Managers, give an unmatched working experience to all our employees in a vibrant performance-driven work environment that encourages Innovation & Service Excellence through continual Learning and Growth opportunities.

We believe in the Power of Being One! Our strength lies in our Unity and Teamwork! Although we have many Departments, we operate as one big family unit for the benefit of our patients. We share a common goal to … We are committed to creating memorable experience for our patients which comes from working together, not in silos, tacking problems head-on with team-force.

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Preventive Health Checks

Prevention is better than cure.’

Rockland Hospitals offers complete Preventive Health Check Up Packages for both Men and Women to meet your specific Health needs...


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